Weather in Rajasthan

  • India is a diverse country full of colors, especially Rajasthan also known as the �Little Paris�. Located on the north western part of the country, in terms of land, it is one of the largest Indian States which has a major part as desert it is so lively and full of colors that it is almost impossible to ignore it.

    The incredible state is well knitted with many tourist attractions each eager to narrate its story of bravery and courage. The number one tourist destination of the country attracts 100s of 1000s visitors every year.

    The most visited cities are Jaipur--also known as the Pink City, which is the capital city of India--Jodhpur, Udaipur, Ajmer, Kota and Mount Abu. However, many visitors are keen to explore rural Rajasthan as well.

    Before you visit any place, it is imperative to familiarize yourself with its weather. The best time to visit Rajasthan is between October and March. During the period, the weather in Rajasthan is pleasant even as temperature remains 13 Degree Celsius to 27 Degree Celsius.

    Due to eastern fertile plains, rocky Aravali and western arid plains, the state experiences very different climatic conditions throughout the year. In clear terms, the weather in Rajasthan can be classified into four seasons--pre monsoon, monsoon, post monsoon and winter.

    Pre-monsoon: It is the hottest period and starts from April and ends in June. The temperature remains between 32 Degree Celsius and 45 Degree Celsius. �Due to extreme heat, the Aravali desert in the west and the north becomes drier whereas during the months of May and June the temperature may scorch up to 48 Degree Celsius.

    Monsoon: The monsoon season remains much awaited among people, it brings relief from the hot temperature. In eastern regions, the monsoon remains active throughout the month of June and in mid July western region feels the shower the temperature drop downs to 35 Degree Celsius.

    Post Monsoon: It is the most pleasant session that carries on between mid September and November the average temperature remains between 18 Degree Celsius and 20 Degree Celsius. It is this period that a large number of tourists visit the state.

    Winter: It is the best time for tourist and visitors to visit the state. It is easy to explore the glorious beauty of the state. The season stretches from December to March and January is the coldest month. The lowest temperature is 0 Degree Celsius. There is slight rainfall in certain parts of the region.

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    How to Reach?

    Rajasthan has excellent connectivity when it comes to roadways, airways and railways. Considering the number of foreign tourists that visit the state every year, an international airport is located in Jaipur, plus two more domestic airports handle multiple flights every day. By road public and private transportation is easily available.

    Summary: Weather in Rajasthan varies. It may be classified into four parts--pre-monsoon, monsoon, post monsoon and winters.