The Fairy Queen

  • To explore Rajasthan on a carriage is the best option for any traveler or tourists. Most of the time, as a traveler/tourist, one is not aware of the ways that could be taken to explore the best places in a particular state or country.

    The same goes with Rajasthan as well, and there is some respite for the travelers and tourists with the Rajasthan tourism that allows them to have some advantage. The train journey to be precise about.

    Yes, with the train journey, and make no mistake that the train journey would be harrowing! Some of the best heritage trains in India pass through the state and among them there are some which are internationally recognized.

    So, the comfort and luxury is well within the cards, and in case if you want more than you can have that too with the Fairy Queen, the heritage train of India. Rajasthan tourism is highly benefitted with the services of the Fairy Queen and tourists have readily accepted this train as their royal ride to explore the royal land.

    Fairy Queen
    It is not a very big train with just two coaches but it provides the royal experience to the travelers when it races past the bright meadows. The train takes just two days journey and it races past most of the famous places in the state. On board the Fairy Queen, one must make sure that if they are going to Rajasthan then they should have Rajasthan tourism guide along with them.

    The train travel has been broken into packages and once the train leaves Delhi, it halts at the next stop at Alwar in Rajasthan. There, as per the booking and scheduling, the tourists and travelers are provided with a booked suite at Alwar. In the hotel, there are specific arrangements made for cultural programs, Rajasthani folk dance and other special themes as per the Rajasthan tourism.

    The train also passes through the Sariska National Park and there is a fixed halt period. The travelers and tourists can get down at the Sariska National Park and enjoy the jeep safari. The jeep safari takes one deep into the park and they can have a one-on-one date with the wild in the park. Proper arrangements are made to ensure that safety and security is given to the tourists in the park.

    Hence, with day 1, traversing through Rewari, Alwar the train again gets back to Delhi on day 2 and with that the tour ends on the Fairy Queen.

    Summary: Explore the majestic land of Rajasthan with best train travels on the Fairy Queen. The train is a masterpiece to explore the beautiful land of Rajasthan.