People of Rajasthan

  • Rajasthan is a well-known tourist destination and visited by a large number of both domestic and global tourists. Apart from magnificent palaces, historical monuments, culture, and handicraft, the �Land of Kings� is also famous for its warm hospitality and people; it is a god�s land which is known by its people.

    The people of Rajasthan are as colorful as the state is, and they are known as Rajasthanis. Generally, they belong to different tribes and castes, and since centuries, their profession defines their caste. But today�s young generation has modified the old tradition. Today, caste is decided by the family in which the child is born.

    Rajasthan Tourism Guide will aid you understand the people of Rajasthan better.

    Some historians believe that the state has existed since the glorifying era of the Harappan Civilization. Since then, it has been ruled by a large number of rulers even as each ruler has contributed towards the overall development of the state.

    The people of Rajasthan truly believe in the concept of �Unity in Diversity�. In today�s times it�s a perfect combination of rituals, culture, cuisine, religion, faith, ethnicity and traditions. Thus, if you visit the state, you will meet the people from every religion--Hindu, Jain, Muslim, Sikh, and Christian.

    Here, people are friendly and warm even while they welcome tourists coming from different parts of the country and the world. �Atithi Devo Bhava�, which means the �Guest is equivalent to God� is what the common people of Rajasthan abide by.

    The state is largely dominated by many castes and sub castes. There are four important communities and they are Jats, traders, Brahmin and Rajputs. Out of the four, Rajput is the most dominating community. The state is often referred as the �Land of Rajputs� as well, in literal terms it means �Son of the King�.

    Rajputs can be further sub categorized into Shudras, Brahmins, Vaishya and Ksatriyas. The chroniclers and writers generally belong to one of the following sub castes--Orwals, Lodhas, Singhis, Kayasthas, Mohatas, Bhandaris, Khatris, and Singhis. The charm of the state the Minstrels and Instrument Players belong to the Bhand, Bhagtan, Dholi, �Hinjara, Kalawat, Dhadhi and Jagri Patur communities.

    People of Rajasthan are generally tall and handsome with good height. They are often spotted with twirled moustaches and a beard. Of different styles mainly based on their caste and region they wear colorful turbans. The women are shy, veil their face, and wear �Ghagras� (long skirt)--made up of cotton fabric decorated with golden or silver �gota�. Many of them often wear Rajasthani sarees quite famous worldwide.

    If we talk about the tribes, Sahariyas, Lohars, Bhils, Garasias and Minas are the five major tribes and these comprise of approximately 12% of the total Rajasthani population.

    Summary: People of Rajasthan are colorful, warm, welcoming and friendly, and believe in the motto of �Atithi Devo Bhava�. They belong to different tribes and castes.