Museum of Rajasthan

  • Not only is Rajasthan known for its vibrant culture, royal architecture, spicy food, stunning art, and staggering nature but also for its history. Lost in the pages of history are some great crowned heads, conquerors, traditions, scholars and even recipes.

    Reviving and preserving these numerous facts of the past is the museums of Rajasthan. They tell the story of the people and highlight the tales of the Maharajas.

    The state is said to have an approximate of 56 museums spread across the state. The most prominent museum among these is the Albert Hall Museum. Located in the heart of Rajasthan this museum is the oldest museum of the state. Built in 1887, this museum was designed by Sir Samuel Swinton Jacob and was assisted by Mir Tujumool Hoosein.

    The Albert Hall Museum was also called the Government Central Museum. This museum has a collection of metal art, sculptures, miniature paintings, pottery, marble art and clay art. It also holds an array of Rajasthani puppets, and displays the manner in which they have evolved. The museum holds a rich amount of international art. Mostly oriental, British and Egyptian are a part of the international art section.

    Known for its jewellery this opulent state displays the workmanship of the locals in its museums. Meenakars and enamellers are being honoured for their contribution to this craft. Garments and textiles are also flaunted in the museums. Bandhani and block prints are two very significant techniques used in the traditional outfit of the people here. Preserved carefully are a number of punch-marked coins. Antique furniture and musical instruments are also displayed in the museum.

    Carpets, carved out metal vessels, ivory sculptures and clay art telling different kinds of stories of the past are some of the collectibles. The miniature paintings have a series of Panchatantra, Krishna Avtar, Rasik Priya, Bhagvata Gita, Sur Sgar, Ragmala and Kadambari. These art objects are made by renowned artists.

    The various other museums that delineate the Rajasthani history are Pilani Birla Museum, Ajmer Government Museum, Alwar Government Museum, City Palace, Hawa Mahal Museum, Jaisalmer Government Museum and Jodhpur Giverment Museum.

    A very unique museum holds the elite vintage cars that were used in the times of the Maharajas. A wide range of 22 sparkling vintage cars are displayed here.

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    The museums are open throughout the year except on a few maintenance days but the ideal time to visit Rajasthan would be between October and March.

    Summary: Reflecting the past culture and traditions of Rajasthan the Museums of Rajasthan exhibit a great collection.