Honeymoon in Udaipur

  • Royalty speaks a lot and if you want to celebrate your honeymoon in style, the best place where you can look forward to is Rajasthan. Rajasthan Tourism offers an assorted array of tour packages and destinations that one can pick for their special moments. For a newly wedded couple, their honeymoon is the most memorable moment in their life. Getting a favorable place where both souls can know each other, delve into the liking and disliking and take the life into the right direction is very much essential.

    To have all these things, one can completely bank upon Rajasthan. From the perspective of honeymoon, Rajasthan tourism offers a mix of everything: hills, hill-station, wildlife, greenery, historic sites, lakes, villas and havelis. So, you are not left out on any aspect. There is but a comprehensive set of experience that one can get and to honeymoon in Udaipur could be the best decision that one must take.

    Honeymoon in Udaipur
    Hailed as the Venice of East, Udaipur is an excellent nest for lovers. The romance flows in the air in black and whites at Udaipur. Rajasthan tourism is incomplete without Udaipur and if you have Rajasthan tourism guide to help you traverse through the places of attraction in Udaipur, it would make your excursion into a memorable experience.

    Udaipur has also slowly transformed itself into an exceptional place for writers and travelers. At the same time, most of the weddings are also organized at Udaipur and the villas and palaces are always there to support the cause and provide the best service. On account of these specialties, most couple prefers the wedding to happen in Udaipur and they straightway take the honeymoon as well along with the wedding.

    From the point of honeymoon, you can always get this place fascinating, the reason being innumerable possibilities availed for shopping. If your spouse loves shopping, she would be taken away by the Chetak circle, clock tower, Hathi Pol, Palace road and city market as they mark the best places to go out on a shopping spree.

    Goods in these Markets
    There is possibility to buy Rajasthani handicrafts, jewelry and many other specific things from the market. The best part is the prices and if you happen to have Rajasthan tour guide along with you, they will help you get the best bargain. It will be an exceptional experience to be in Udaipur for your honeymoon.

    How to Reach?
    By Air Maharana Pratap Airport is very close to Udaipur. It is just 20 km away.

    By Railroad Udaipur station is connected by a vast network of railways. You can reach this place from anywhere in the country.

    By Road Well linked by roads, the bus services from Delhi to Udaipur is the best way of transport to reach this place.

    Summary: Udaipur is an excellent place for honeymoon plans, experience Rajasthan tourism with Rajasthan tourism guide and explore the beauties of Udaipur.