Honeymoon in Jaisalmer

  • Love is best felt when you take your experiences to an uncommon place. If you have been newly wedded or you are taking your girlfriend on a tour, the best place to visit would be Rajasthan. The Rajasthan Tourism brings a lot many things on the adventure platter.

    One can go hiking in the desert of Thar, or you can even take a wild stroll in the Sariska National Park or Kaleodeo National park. The Ranthambore National Park allows one to witness the tiger crouching at you over your gypsy. All these adventurous feelings make the honeymoon experience excellent in Rajasthan.

    But you shouldn�t just confine yourself to these vivid fancies only; there is a lot to explore in Rajasthan, precisely in Jaisalmer. The desert comes to life in the evening and if you have Rajasthan Tourism Guide by your side, the best places can be accessed and navigated for a vivid experience.

    Honeymoon in Jaisalmer
    For those couples who are newly married, one can say that Rajasthan can help them make their romantic journey a memorable one. Who wouldn�t like to have the best experiences of the first honeymoon and Jaisalmer ensures that when folks return, they carry a bag full of memories from this place.

    Best Places to Visit in Jaisalmer for Honeymoon
    Jaisalmer Fort
    Dazzling in a golden color, the Jaisalmer Fort gives an essence of royalty and inclusion. Ranked among the largest forts in the world, it is evident that you will give the best experience to your beloved once you let her walk in this fort. The yellow and golden sandstone carved to perfection provides an excellent touch of magnificence to the fort.

    Dada Bagh
    You can let a romantic stroll break loose in the Dada Bagh, the garden where the nobles have been cremated. This place has an unspoken and un-explainable aura that completely takes the experience to a new level. You are certain to fall in love with the nobility of this place. Experience a short sojourn that would completely take your experiences to a new high.

    Sam Sandunes
    The barren land of Jaisalmer is excellent for those who are taking their honeymoon excursion. Experience the Safari on camel and enjoy the pleasure of the setting sun and the cooling atmosphere. If you happen to take the honeymoon in February, the desert festival will certainly look like an icing of the cake.

    How to Reach?
    By Air Jaisalmer airport is just 5 km from the city. The airport is functional from September to March, so plan accordingly.

    By Railroad The railway station is just 2 km from the city. One can easily take a quick ride to reach in time.

    By Road Rajasthan local transport makes accessibility possible and one can easily reach without any hassle.

    Summary: Jaisalmer is an excellent place to visit for honeymoon purpose, take the trip now for an excellent experience.