Food in Rajasthan

  • Rajasthan is a popular Indian state located in the Northern parts of the country.� It is not only among the largest Indian States but is also the most colorful state that has many attractive cities, such as the Capital City Jaipur--also known as the Pink City, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Alwar, Kota, Mount Abu, Ranthambore, Pushkar,� Bikaner, and Chittorgarh, etc.

    Often the state has also been referred as the �Paris of India�. Its mesmerizing beauty is unique and its culture appeals 100s of 1000s tourists every year. It is famous for its rich culture, centuries-old history, historical monuments, art and handicraft, and tourist hotspots.

    Numerous tourists come to the state with the hope of getting a glimpse of a Royal Life and majestic forts and Palaces. Apart from these, the Food in Rajasthan

    also attracts them. While the travelers explore the city, they also wish to explore the local lip-smacking cuisine.

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    In old times, in the lives of Raja and Maharajas, their kitchen held a special place. The food was cooked with special technique that has been passed on from one generation to another for centuries. They had a strong appetite and had the best cooks to manage their kitchen who had mastered the art of cooking. They even kept few recipes as a secret.

    Geographically, the state is located on the Western side of the country thereby the area is dry in nature and the food was cooked in a way that can be preserved for many days. For many, the Food in Rajasthan is spicy. Some of the popular delicious dishes are Makki ka saag, Dal Bati Churma, Guwar fali ki saag, Kair Saangri ki Sabzi, Kadhi, khichdi, etc., cooked with the ingredients, such as cardamoms, mustard seeds, red chillies, cloves, turmeric, ginger, youghurt, desi ghee, pepper, onions and many more.

    The food is incomplete if you have not eaten spicy chutneys made up of chili, mint, coriander, garlic turmeric and onion. Something to look forward would be the traditional papads. It goes best with something that the state flaunts with pride--the pickles made using exotic spices.

    To meet the delight of the non-vegetarians, Laal Maas is cooked using spicy red chilly curry, Mohan Maas cooked using white milk, Safed Maas cooked in thick curd, and Khad Khargosh (wild hare) cooked and roasted underground.

    Sweet dishes, such as Besan Chakki, Halwa, Ghevar, Palangtorh, Jhajariya are just few to mention made up of rich flavor of ingredients and dry fruits. Rajasthani people like to keep themselves healthy. Thus, the use of corn/bajra, lassi, camel milk or butter milk is quite common.

    Summary: Rajasthan food is delicious and it helps you understand its culture and traditions better.