Culture of Rajasthan

  • The �Land of Kings�, Rajasthan has true artistic culture. Worldwide, the desert city is famous for its ethnicity.� The state has a glorious history; it is well-known for many great rulers and their deeds, and it shows their keen interest towards arts and magnificent architecture.

    It is not only one of the most popular Indian states but is also a popular tourist destination. It has many tourist destination and excellent facilities not only to accommodate them but to keep them engaging. The state has a very rich and attractive flora and fauna in the form of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries.

    The culture of Rajasthan holds a unique charm, people are lively and passionate and they really love to live life to its fullest that clearly reflects in their culture. Rajasthani people are better known for their colors, hospitality and traditional jewellery. Even today the centuries old customs and traditions are passed on to one generation to another which is being carried forward with great happiness.

    The official language of the state is Hindi although Mawari and Rajasthani are the two most spoken local languages. Hinduism is the prominent religion but other religions, such as Islam, Christianity, Jainism and Sikhism are also practiced here.

    Fairs and festivals of the state are its soul and make the state more welcoming and colorful. The preparation is always huge. Each festival or fair has a religious or mythological significance. �The large number of fairs and festivals that takes place across the state reflects the true culture of Rajasthan.

    Some of the important fairs and festivals are Makar Sakranti, Cattle fair, Teej, Elephant festival, Pushkar festival, Jaisalmer Desert festival, Mewar festival.

    The state�s folk dance and music is energetic clearly reflects dynamism. Apart from colorful attire expressions and spontaneity are major part of local dance. Ghoomar, Kalbelia, Terah Tali, Charkula, Wallar, Ger, Kalbelia and Lathmar Holi are just some of the traditional dances that visitors enjoy here.

    Rajasthani music is soul-stirring; for the local people, it is a way of life. It is just not an art that has been in existence since centuries but is rather a form of expression and a major source of livelihood for Rajasthani people.

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    The old ways of art and craft holds a special place into the hearts of Rajasthani people. Each region has its own specialty that tourists are always eager to explore. Some of the most popular items that every tourist wish to buy are traditional jewelry, paintings, jootis, leather items, pottery, wooden items including furniture, antiques and colorful clothes.

    Summary: Culture of Rajasthan is unique and reflects its traditions and values. People are passionate and pass the old traditions to new generation.