Cuisine of Rajasthan

  • Ever had the thirst for something that would leave you in a delightful confusion? Some place that will take your senses to dimensions you have never imagined of? Rajasthan--a state that is knitted onto the west side of India--has plenty on its plate to offer of such nature.

    India is a country that has a mixture of culture, religion and traditions. This unique blend is seen to be reflected on the platter of food that is served in the state. Rajasthan Tourism Guide will be your trusted ally while you explore the wonder called Rajasthan.

    Coming back to the Rajasthani food, the �thali� defines a paradox of a variety that balances itself. One can experience pure gluttony while eating a Rajasthani meal. The authentic food in Rajasthan consists of a concoction of treats, like gatte ki sabji, dal batti, chaavadi and khata. Along with these, they serve different kinds of chappattis and breads.

    Cuisine of Rajasthan includes a wide range of snacks, like bread bread bonda, cabbage vada, potato bajee, carrot vada, chili bajee, breadfruit bajee, mint pakoda, mushroom pakoda, kachoris, bhujiya and onion bajee to camel milk tea this majestic state has all of it to offer. Recipes that have been preserved for years together live in the hearts of the local people today. Moreover, they are ready to help tantalize your taste buds.

    The non-vegetarian food enthusiasts would wonder if this magic works on the meats as well. It sure does. Laal Maas, saanth, biryani rumi, safed maas, mohan maas, khaad kharghosh and soola are some of the appetizing dishes that do justice to the legacy of the cuisine of Rajasthan.

    Another set of group that this royal state does not fail to impress is the group with the sweet tooth. Kesariya bhat, mishri mawa, churma, jhajariya, malpuas, besan chakki, ghevar, ladoos, jalebis, dil jaani, sohan halwa and palangtorh are among the prized possessions of the Rajasthani cook books, listed under desserts.

    Those looking for some enticing liqueur to quench your thirst with in the desert get ready to indulge. Kesar kasturi, jagmohan and mawalin are traditional drinks which are loaded with spices and flavours.

    Not only could you tour around the local markets but you can also experiment with essential ingredients, like red chilies, cardamoms, black pepper, curd, mustard seeds, cloves, turmeric, cinnamon sticks, pure ghee, onions, garlic, ginger, dry fruits and saffron.

    Best Time to Visit

    The best time to visit the state and simultaneously relish these piquant dishes would be between the months of October and March.

    Summary: Rajasthani food reflects the royal qualities in its cuisine. The aromatic food in Rajasthan will instantaneously pull you towards itself.�