Art and Craft of Rajasthan

  • No Indian State can match the exquisite art and craft of Rajasthan. Since ages, the �Land of Kings� has nurtured and extensively contributed towards its traditional field of art and craft, and because of their exquisite colors and flavor, they are not only famous worldwide but is hugely admired and are in demand.

    Rajasthan is a one major stop for those who have a flavor for traditional art and craft. Each region has its own specialty reflecting in the handicrafts made up of local materials. They are more colorful and affordable mainly picked up by national and international tourists.

    It�s a centuries old legacy, and today followed by the skilled traders that the desert state is proud of. Even today the craftsmen from the state produce the best of traditional art and craft using the old traditional skills.

    It�s a delight to watch as to how even in 21st century the craftsmen have successfully managed to maintain the traditional look and quality of the old art and craft of Rajasthan that truly belongs to centuries old era of rajas and maharajas. Use the facilities offered by Rajasthan tourism guide to explore the many gems related to art and craft of Rajasthan!

    Today, Rajasthani art and craft market has become a major attraction worldwide. Tourists from all over the world visit the state to shop extensively. Some of the things that are famous among visitors are colourful nagra/juttis, traditional jewellery, carpets, wooden furniture, quilts, linen, stone items, paintings and leather shoes embroidered beautifully.

    Many people prefer to buy fabric with block prints, designed with stones-- both precious and semi precious--such as Kundan, the work of Minakari is well appreciated. Other craft materials--such as miniature, lacquer, carpets beautiful trinkets, blue pottery--are the pride of the state.

    Some of the popular places to shop are:-

    Jaipur - famous for traditional jewelry,. In fact, the city has a lot more to offer such as Jootis, clothes, linens, wooden furniture and household decorative items.
    Bikaner- famous for things made up of camel skin and sheep wool, such as carpets and woolen items. If you talk about snacks, Bikaneri Bhujiya is famous worldwide

    Sawai Madhopur � it is a major producer of Khas perfume. It is also famous worldwide for colorful khas fan which is highly in demand in the neighboring states of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. The city also manufactures other items made up of Khas, such as small ladies pouches, boxes and caps.

    Kota � when one thinks of Kota, the one thing that strikes their mind is doria saris. The beautiful sari will certainly make you admired among your friends. Across the city, there are many small and big manufacturing units of doria saris.

    Other popular places you can shop for the local art and craft is Jaisalmer, Ajmer, Jodhpur and Udaipur.

    How to Reach?

    Rajasthan is well connected with other parts of the country. You may easily drive down using the national highway or simply take a direct flight to any of the three major cities.

    Summary: Art and craft of Rajasthan is popular worldwide. A large number of people visit the state just to shop for traditional items.