Rajasthan wildlife Tour

  • Miles of intoxication, the motion, the flat wide-open land with tufts of trees and the hot orange sunsets are something to look forward to on Rajasthan Wildlife Tour. Within this breathtaking setting, it is a delight to watch the animals and birds of the state.

    At the Ranthambore National Park one would get to experience jeep safaris over the pristine and stark sand dunes under the canvas of the sky. The Royal Bengal Tiger is the main attraction at the park. This amazing specimen of nature will charm you with its grace and prowess.

    Along the trail one will get to watch animals like the spotted leopards and the striped hyenas. Other animals such as the Indian wild boar, chinkara, common palm civets or toddy cat, yellow bats, desert cats, five-striped palm squirrels, Indian false vampires, Indian flying foxes, Indian foxes, Indian gerbils, Indian mole rats, Indian porcupines are common across Rajasthan. The park is also home to some reptiles, like cobras and nosed marsh crocodiles.

    Bharatpur is where the Keoladeo National Park is located. This national park has a remarkable historic importance. Along with it, the park is a haven to brilliant variety of animals. Its diverse topography and the vast geographical expanse assist the wildlife making this park one of the best in India.

    The Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is a paradise for bird watchers. It is said that the sanctuary is the home of exotic flora species of 64 families, 181 genera and 227 subspecies. The sanctuary ranks as one of the best water birds preserves in the world.

    And, huddled up in the Aravali Range, lies the Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary. As far as tigers are concerned, the sanctuary came under �Project Tiger� in 1979. This park has a stretch of over 800 sq km. It has a diverse collection of flora and fauna.

    While the pastel colors tint the Aravali Range, one can go for a horse safari in the Narlai region. Trotting on your horse, you can go through the Kumbalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary. Not only can one experience the beauty of the sanctuary at a plodding pace, but one can also gallop through the sand dunes. The princely Mewari horses will also take you through the local villages to interact with the people there. The mesmerizing beauty of the wildlife in Rajasthan will not lose a chance to seize you in awe. It will capture your senses and keep you for wanting more.

    If you wish to enjoyRajasthan wildlife tour, you will be happy to know that it�s relatively easy to reach the state as it is well connected with airways, roadways and railways.

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    Summary: The wildlife of Rajasthan will allure you with its magnificence and striking nature. Across sanctuaries, there are a variety of birds and animals that can be sighted.