Rajasthan Horse Safari in Narlai Region

  • Rajasthan--the �Land of Princes�--prides itself for its horses. In the heart of the state lies a humble village named Rawla Narlai. This village resides at the base of a knoll enhanced with a white stupendous statue of an elephant at the top.

    Through the Narlai region, one can go and explore the nature, heritage, culture, food and wildlife it has to offer. Most would prefer to do this on a horse safari touring. In this way, one is able to identify and highlight the beautiful weave of the Rajasthani culture along with its heritage and people.

    This safari takes you through the Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary which surrounds the magnificent Kumbhalgarh Fortress. The fortress is surrounded by wilderness. History says this fortress was the birthplace of the heroic king, Mahrana Pratap.

    While trotting through the sanctuary, you will get to see different animals such as sloth bears, hyenas, jackals, jungle cats, wolves, nilgais, chausinghaa, chinkaras and jugle fowls. One can even get a couple of glimpses of the ferocious spotted wild cat, the leopard. The smaller animals and birds include bulbul, red spur owls, doves, golden oriole, grey pigeons, parakeets, and white-breasted kingfisher.

    The Narlai region of Rajasthan is along the lush Aravali range. Riding through the ridges of the sand dunes gives a satisfying pleasure. The striking Mewari horses help one explore and give them the feel of a Rajasthani voyager.

    Rajasthan Horse Safari in Narlai Region is augmented by the embracing locals. One can get a chance to ride through tiny villages. This will help interact with the people and experience their cultures and traditions. The locals would help assimilate the true essence of the state. Not only would one learn about their culture but also about their lifestyle, dress code, food, arts and crafts.

    While one is seated comfortably on the horse, they can visit the different forts in Rajasthan under the variegated sky. Amidst the enchanting forts, there is great deal of architectural appreciation experienced. Painted with colours of culture the state offers you tours around places, like Jojawar, Luni, Khetwas, Rohet and Dhamli.

    It is a lifetimes experience to gallop like the Rajputs on the sand of the princes from fortress to fortress. Rajasthan Tourism Guide will make your expedition an experience you can cherish all your life.�

    Best Time to Visit

    The best time to go for the Rajasthan horse safari in the Narlai region would be between the months of October and March.

    Summary: Rajasthan Horse Safari in Narlai Region lets you experience touring like a prince. Galloping through the Aravali range you get to experience the local parts of the magnificent Rajasthan.