Rajasthan Bike Tour

  • The beautiful deserts environed within the culture, heritage, art, music, dance and food of the �Land of the Kings�, Rajasthan welcome people from across the globe. The extensive landscapes of sand in Rajasthan create an idyllic setting for an invigorating vacation or simply to satisfy the explorer within you. One of the best ways to explore this state is on the Rajasthan bike tour.

    The state has a cultural treasure that has a lot to offer. From the architectural brilliance portrayed in the elegant palaces to the local oriental markets, you can explore every nook and corner. While looking around in the markets one will come across traditional paintings, portraits, Rajasthani jootis, Ceramic tiles, Bangles, leather bags, poetry in wood, colored wooden boxes, beautifully carved wooden furniture, antiques, marble & stone carved showpieces and jewellery with precious stones and gems.

    The artistic beauty and history of the state will awaken curiosity even in the most jaded traveller. In the heritage soaked state one can visit the Udaipur City Palace, Jaisalmer Fort, Umaid Bhavan Palace, Lalgarh Fort, Jaswant Fort and City Palace on their bike.

    The wildlife enthusiasts can look forward to visiting the sanctuaries in Rajasthan. Ranthambore National Park, The Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary, Keoladeo Ghana National Park, Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary, and Tal Chappar Sanctuary are just some of the parks and sanctuaries one must visit. The Bengal Tigers found in these wildlife sanctuaries are a great tourist attraction.

    Contrasting the bareness of the deserts, Rajasthan hosts plenty of vibrant fairs and festivals. The Pushkar fair, Gangaur fair, Marwar festival, Elephant festival, Desert festival and Urs Ajmer Sharif are some of the fairs that bring out the plethora of colour and traditions in the desert. Set against the sand dunes, rugged hills and majestic forts, these festivals will create a picturesque view for you.

    In this way, one can experience the true essence of the state on their bicycles or bikes. The Rajasthan bike tour will surely be a treat for you. Travelling through the circuits of the state and the lively mix of national highways and country roads is something one would look forward to.

    The ideal way to get to Rajasthan on a bike would be through the national highways which are well connected to the neighbouring states. These highways are well equipped with plenty of rest stops, gas stations, and restaurants making your biking trip as comfortable as possible.

    For an enjoyable Rajasthan bike tour, seek assistance and guidance from Rajasthan Tourism Guide.

    Best Time to Visit

    The best time to visit Rajasthan is between the months of October and March.

    Summary: The Rajasthan bike tour is for the travellers and explorers looking to discover the quintessence of the �Land of the Kings�.