Pushkar Festival Tour

  • The real pleasure to witness the fun and fervor of Rajasthan is during festivals, and this state celebrates some of the weirdest of all the festivals that could be celebrated across the country.

    These weirdest festivals almost sound like alien to the visitors like Cattle Festival, Camel Festival, but one thing that could be construed from all of them is that they truly celebrate the spirit of life.

    The fairs and festivals always keep the people of Rajasthan motivated, and it also is one of the reasons that tourists are increasingly attracted to the state for exploring the concept, and indulging in the merry making and fun.

    The Pushkar Festival Tour has a lot to reclaim, but first and foremost thing that is crucial to know about the festival, this piece will help the travelers and tourists to get a complete idea about the festivals that are celebrated in the state.

    The Pushkar Festival Tour starts for 17 days and 16 nights and it stretches to a lot of places I Rajasthan, like Delhi, Samode, Mandawa, Bijaynagar, Deogarh, Devigarh, and Mount Abu, Udaipur, Nimaj, Pushkar, Jaipur, Agra and Delhi.

    Use the assistance and guidance proffered by Rajasthan Tourism Guide for an enjoyable and stress-free visit to the state!�

    Day 01

    The first day of the Pushkar Festival Tour starts at Delhi. The travelers and tourists visit Delhi, and then they are taken to some of the most promising places in India, such as Qutub Minar, Jama Masjid, Parliament House, Raj Ghat, and many other places.

    Day 02

    The day two happens at Samode, and one can visit the architectural delights and frescoed walls and places of Samode. The Pushkar tour stretches Mandawa in the next leg.

    Day 03

    The real Rajasthan comes face-to-face at Mandawa and the travelers are able to visit the temples of the Royal Family of Masuda.� With just an overnight stay at Mandawa, the temple of Royal Families of Masuda will not be any far from the clutches. The experience comes lively with these tours and one can experience the royal style of Rajasthan.

    Day 04

    The 4th day begins at Deogarh, and with Devi Garh Fort experience and excellence, one can be truly mesmerized to enjoy the royal Pushkar Festival Tour. The similar trends go and on the 13th day the caravan reaches Pushkar, and one can witness the nomadic life of the people there.

    Summary: The Pushkar Festival Tour lets you enjoy the pleasure of Rajasthan. Take a quick look at the places that this tour promises to explore.