Jeep Safari & Desert Camping in Rajasthan

  • The mystical dunes of Rajasthan could be defined as the soul of this state. Capturing traveller�s attention from around the world, the deserts of the state promise to welcome you with a warm heart and wide open arms.

    Set against the canvas of the sky, these dunes await your visit. What better way to tour the Rajasthan deserts than in a jeep safari with camping in the desert? As the wind strokes through the surface of the coarse sand, one can glide over the golden dust in a power packed jeep. This exhilarating activity will pump your adrenaline levels, and bring out the spirit of a traveller that is within you.

    Have a terrific Jeep Safari experience with Camping in the Desert with Rajasthan Tourism Guide.

    The Jeep safari tour will take the tourists on a trip to a range of unexplored destinations of the state to bestow the revelations. During this journey, you will be sent on an inner self journey of parallels that are vying as well.

    �The Evergreen Oasis in the Desert�, also known as the Rohet Garh, is located in the �Sun City� which is Jodhpur. At Rohet Garh, one gets an opportunity to visit the tribal and remote parts of Rajasthan. Little known villages of the Thar Desert will also be covered in this tour, like Baniyana Village, Ujala Village, Falsund Village, Bhesda, Rajmathai and Tadana. Plenty of forts, like the Sonar Qila, which is a majestic structure made up of Golden sandstone is also to be seen on the tour.

    Located 42 kms away from Jailsalmer, the Sam Dunes are also another tourist attraction. With hypnotizing golden mirages and vivid scenery, these deserts will never fail to impress you. One can also mingle with the locals and share their culture. The traditions and food of the Rajputs are being passed down over generations. This is a privilege for most to be a part of this legacy.

    As the sun sets, it unfolds the romance between the desert and the night. The once golden and pink sky transforms into a vast expanse of cobalt blue. A canopy of twinkling stars materializes in the ocean of darkness up above as one camp in the desert. Illuminating the desert, the stars will complete your day as you lit the bonfire and enjoy an authentic Rajasthani meal.

    This is the thrilling experience of the jeep safari and the beauty of camping in the desert.

    Best Time to Visit

    The most preferred time of the year to visit the state and enjoy the safari is between the months of October and March.

    How to Reach?

    Rajasthan is well connected by road making it rather easy to travel in the jeep from different states.

    Summary: The jeep safari in the desert while camping under the star is something that one should look forward to on their trip to Rajasthan.