Discover Rajasthan Tour

  • The holy land of Rajasthan comes with a lot of surprises. One can witness the majestic villas with royal luxuries, the grand palaces, the historic structures, scintillating fairs, and last but not the least, extremely promising people to entertain and mesmerize the senses in the grandest way through Discover Rajasthan Tour.

    Now, there are a lot of places that are worth exploration and if one keeps note of one thing, then it has definitely to be the tour packages that can help you explore this majestic place. The Rajasthan tourism has customized an assorted array of specified tours that one can take to explore the hidden beautiful of this desert state.

    Some of the promising Discover Rajasthan Tours/packages that tourists are travelers can take are mentioned below.

    Heritage Tours of Rajasthan

    It is one of the most promising aspects that one can resort to for ensuring a promising stay. Under the heritage tour of Rajasthan, the travelers will come face to face with those structures that have been abandoned and they are waiting to be explored by the tourists. The travelers can get opportunities of exploring the villas and palaces that were inhabited by the kings and the princes but they have slowly and steadily transformed into a historic structure.

    The majestic forts and havelis tour ensure that in the 14 nights and 15 days of the tour, the tourists and travelers are able to explore the rich and artistically designed and engraved frescos, the towering havelis in Bikaner, the majestic dunes and the promising ride on the camel tops. These are few of the promising things that would completely satisfy the tourists and let them explore more about the culture and promising lifestyle of the Indians.

    The appreciable affinity of the people in Rajasthan and their heartfelt hospitality ensures that tourists connect truly with the soil of the state and they visit this place over and over again. At the same time, the escort provided by the Rajasthan Tourism Guide ensures that you are never left out in the picture at any cost.

    Cultural Tours of Rajasthan

    In the next set of tours to explore Rajasthan, the cultural tours completely dominates the sphere with a 17 nights and 18 days of tour sprawling across Mandawa, Jaipur Jaisalmer and Jodhpur. Explore the city of lakes, the majestic charm, and flamboyance of Jaisalmer, and get to know about the culture and festivities that folks in Rajasthan celebrate.

    Delve with your Rajasthan tourism guide into the festivals and fairs which are so famous in this place.

    Summary: Rajasthan offers the best moments with a plethora of cultural and heritage tour packages ensuring that tourists and travelers get well acquainted with this place.