Best of Rajasthan Tour

  • The best time to visit Rajasthan is in between October-March and better connectivity with rail, road and air makes this travel destination a hot favorite among travelers and tourists. At Rajasthan, one can enjoy the medieval history of India.

    By witnessing the grand structures like the Rambagh Palace, Hawa Mahal, Udaipur, lakes and many such promising places, one can be certain of satisfaction at all level. At the same time, the Rajasthan and state tourism department have also customized and introduced attractive Best of Rajasthan Tours packages that travelers and tourists can take for a wonderful experience.

    Some of the tour packages that is very famous among the travelers and tourists.

    Heritage Tours of Rajasthan

    These allow the people who are visiting the �land of the kings� to come one-on-one with the culture, dynamism and rich historical beauty of this place. At the same time, the travelers are also able to enjoy the rich aspects of many of the places that were abandoned by the rulers in the past, and they have slowly and steadily transformed into historical sites.

    The royalty and ambience in these places have compelled people to visit these places over and over again. The heritage tour of Rajasthan allows exploring the havelis, frescos, planned cities and many such beauties of the past that proudly projects the rich cultural diversity and attraction of India.

    Some Tour Packages that represent the beautiful land of Rajasthan
    Pushkar Festival Tour

    It is a grand attraction of Rajasthan tourism and in this tour there are 100s and 1000s of tourists who assemble to see the camel festival. At the camel festival, the grand view of watching the camel race, camel dance is simple astounding. The attraction ends with 1000s of camels thronging the sands of Puskhar, and the end of the festival tour ends with the moustache competition and Bridal Competition. The men and women cover themselves in the best make up to win the competition.

    It is so much fun to be a part of such events and it broadly represents the merry making and light mood of the Rajasthanis. The utter hospitality towards the tourists and travelers has always been the striking factor to witness such a large chunk of tourists who end up at Rajasthan. With a Rajasthan tourism guide, the best of Rajasthan tours can be taken easily, and it will completely take the travelers to a world high once they return from the royal land of the kings.�

    Summary: Rajasthan is a bright place and the beautiful tours make certain that all the shine and dazzle of this place is not missed at any point of time.